City Matters - Our Official Fan Network


City Matters - Our Official Fan Network

City Matters operates as the Club’s formal fan engagement programme. It exists to provide a structured forum for Manchester City fans to engage with senior Club representatives in a constructive manner, in an environment where ideas and feedback can be shared and discussed, relating to topics which directly impact the fan experience.  

Alongside this, it provides fans with an opportunity to influence new initiatives which are introduced at the Club as well as reviewing and developing existing initiatives.  

City Matters is also used as a platform for the Club to share information about wider club strategy and ongoing projects with its fans.  

Specifically, the aims of the network can be summarised as follows:  

  • To set up a constructive communication channel between Manchester City and its fans   
  • To provide Manchester City with a platform to discuss new ideas with fans and seek their feedback on new initiatives  
  • To give fans the opportunity to present new ideas and suggestions directly to Manchester City 

On an annual basis the Club will produce a Fan Engagement Plan which will outline the areas both the Club and City Matters will collaborate on each season.

Read the Club’s Fan Engagement Plan for the 2023/24 season.

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