Official Supporters Club Representative

Official Supporters Club Representative


My name is Kevin Parker. I am 60 years old, have lived in Manchester all my life and have had a season ticket every season since 1973.

I joined the Supporters Club in 1976 and became an official of my Branch in 1980.

I was elected on to the Executive Committee in 1998 and became the General Secretary in 2000 so this year is my 23rd on the Committee.

Our roles are elected by our members every 2 years and we now have over 300 Branches worldwide and almost 20,000 members.

The many years of experience of working with City to the benefit of both members and non-members has helped me in my role on City Matters

If I can assist you in any way, then please contact me using the link on this page


If you have any comments, suggestions and questions, feel free to email Kevin.