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CITC celebrate #ChildSafetyWeek

CITC celebrate #ChildSafetyWeek
It’s National Child Safety Week, spearheaded by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). CITC are delighted to be supporting the week and its aim to act as a catalyst for safety conversations and activities up and down the country.

Child safeguarding, welfare and safety is of course a primary consideration of all CITC staff members, volunteers, and stakeholders.

Across all our programmes taking place at the CFA, in partner schools, or out in the community, ensuring the highest standards of child safety is paramount to our objective of improving lives and communities using the power of football.

It’s also a vital for us in ensuring our delivery of accessible and enjoyable programmes for all our young participants.

To mark the week, Deborah Glynn, Safeguarding Officer at City in the Community, and her working group have designed and produced some fantastically useful and fun fact sheets to help the children nearest and dearest to you stay safe.

With road, park, bike, town, streetwise and summer safety fact sheets produced, there is a real emphasis on the safety issues most relevant for the time over the summer school holidays when children are out of their normal school routine.

Deborah said,

The summer months are a time of fun with lots of outside play and the, hopefully, sunny days.  This time of year can bring some added risks for children and families and we want to help make sure that our participants are safe and healthy. 
This year CITC are supporting Child Safety Week to help raise awareness and share our knowledge to empower participants to keep themselves and others safe.  We have developed a range of resource sheets exploring five key safety topics.   

This week, CITC are also launching a brand new ‘Safety Card’ to share with our participants which asks young people seven key points for when they are out and about in the local community independently.  These questions encourage our participants to plan ahead, think about how they can keep themselves safe and also discuss with adult family members.   

By raising awareness and encouraging young people to plan and think ahead, it is hopes this will help young people to keep safe and enjoy the summer months.

For further information on Child Safety Week, please visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust website. Our Safety Card and resource sheets are available to download below.

For further information on Safeguarding at City in the Community, please visit our Safeguarding webpage.

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