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How I became a City fan: Martin Ng

How I became a City fan: Martin Ng
Manchester City’s influence is growing around the globe and the Club has a hidden superfan thousands of miles away in Asia.

Martin Ng is from Hong Kong and has a deep-rooted love for Manchester City, with a few figures playing a significant role in helping him support the Club.

Martin is a committee member of the Manchester City Hong Kong Official Supporters Club and has a story unlike many others.

“I started to support City in the summer of 2002, after my idol from childhood Peter Schmeichel joined City with his young son Kasper also on show that day,” he revealed.

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“I think my first real memory of City came in 2001, when Kevin Keegan signed the Club’s very first Asian player, Sun Jihai.”

In October 2002, Sun became the first East Asian footballer to score in the Premier League as he headed home in a victory over Birmingham City.

Clearly, the much-adored former City man helped City to be exposed to a massive market in Asia and Martin’s experiences over the last decade have meant that he only wants the future generations in his family to be loyal to the blue side of Manchester.

“It is my pleasure and duty!” he said. “I’m so proud to let others know that we are a City family.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in football being suspended for the last couple of months, which has affected many City fans in different ways.

However, Martin confirmed that the Club’s supporters in Hong Kong are remaining positive and seem to still have the team on their mind.

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“Sadly, there has been no football games and gatherings as social distance orders were issued in our country, but it doesn't stop our passion among fans in Hong Kong,” he admitted.

“We talk about City every day in our WhatsApp group and also we keep our eyes on transfer rumors.

“China HQ launched an inter OSC Fifa tournament (E-competition) for us - it’s also a great opportunity to have gaming with other Cityzens around China and Taiwan.”

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After finding ways to work City into his life during these testing times, Martin will finally get to see his beloved team back in action, and nothing will get in his way of watching Pep Guardiola’s men against Arsenal - not even time!

“I really can’t wait for City to return to action,” he said. “The match is at 3am in Hong Kong but I’ll definitely try my best to be up and watching!”

We appreciate your support, Martin!

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