"City is literally our lives. It’s our everyday, one way or another we are always there. I could not imagine life without City in it.

“It can be my son’s games at the CFA, training during the week, watching the first team, we are there up to six days a week. If we are not there or at an away game, we are all at home cheering them on.

“When Pep arrived at City I was asked to make him two Manchester tarts! At the same time, Lucas was given the opportunity to be part of a team of kids who greeted him at his unveiling. It was surreal and little did we know how life would change watching us play football under him!

Love This City: Fan Stories

“My earliest memories watching City was while I was growing up with my uncle. I remember sitting in his front room the day we played Gillingham in 1999, him and all of his friends were pacing around nervously. There were about 10 of us in the room that day.

“Because of that I already liked football but I really got the bug while I was working there in the first year the Etihad opened back in 2003. I remember getting to know the fans in many different areas of the stadium and now the rest is history.

“On a matchday at the Etihad, Lucas is often ballboy. We always go the chippy next to Mary D’s bar. Lucas has to be at the academy to sign in two hours before kick-off.

“Once they have left we will head over to the stadium, get a drink on the concourse then go to our seats to have a chat with the friends we gathered over the years thanks to our season tickets. Every game we’ll stay until the end as Lucas is working.

“There is a broad spectrum of people in my City community. I know people who have been hardcore for years, I have friends who follow them all over, I know people keep an eye on them just because of Lucas’ involvement in the academy and as a ballboy while I meet lots of other parents at City who are fans because of their kids.”

Lisa Alvarado

“I became a City fan because of my mum’s passion when I was young and have supported them for as long as I can remember.

“I’m a ballboy and play at the CFA, so I spend so much time at City. For every first team game, I have to be there earlier than most so that I can meet the other ballboys and get ready to play my part.

“Sitting that closely to the game, I see the team spirit they have. The way they stick together and the passion they have on and off the pitch makes me a very proud fan and inspires me too.

“Watching City play under Pep Guardiola, I have enjoyed watching football more than ever. He makes things look so easy and is a genius.”

Lucas Alvarado