“There's a thread woven in blue and white wool, a bond we share with Manchester City.

“This bond especially for our son, Harvey is very special. His journey with City isn’t just about the beautiful game; it’s about the joy, routine, and understanding in a world often bewildering for him due to Phelan McDermid Syndrome and autism.

“The Etihad Stadium isn’t just a venue for Harvey; it’s a space where anticipation is in the air, where the pulse of the crowd becomes his heartbeat, the build-up to match day isn’t merely about football; it’s a ritual that brings structure and excitement to his world. The floodlights, the energy, the matchday atmosphere alongside his favourite match day possession, his blue wool, all converge to create an oasis of familiarity and excitement amidst life’s uncertainties.

“Sitting in the family stand, surrounded by a sea of supportive faces, Harvey finds belonging.  The supporters in blue shirts, embrace him with warmth and understanding, enriching our match day experience beyond measure. Their acceptance and kindness illuminate our journey, reminding us that we’re never alone.

“And then there’s Phil Foden, Harvey’s favourite player who’s not just a footballer, but a young man who shows empathy and compassion way beyond his years. To Harvey, Phil isn’t just a star on the pitch; he’s his friend who understands the struggles we find on every step of our path. With each encounter, Phil’s genuine warmth and unwavering support light up Harvey’s world, infusing it with hope and possibility. His kindness transcends the boundaries of the game, leaving a mark in our lives.

“Manchester City isn’t just a football club; it’s a lifeline, a source of joy, connection, and unwavering support. Through every match, every encounter, and every shared moment, the bond deepens, weaving together the threads of our story.”

Parents Wesley and Fiona Ratcliff