Last June, City Football Group launched Cityzens Giving for Recovery, mobilising our ten clubs, thousands of staff and players, our partners and millions of fans to help our communities to get back on their feet.

Together, we have now raised over £1 million, volunteered over 10,000 hours and supported over 100,000 people globally to date. Thank you to everyone who got involved. Together we continue to make a difference.

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City Thrive offers enhanced mental health support for young people in Manchester aged 14 to 25. A new curriculum, supported by the NHS, blends specially adapted football sessions with one-to-one mentoring and group workshops on mental health awareness, to improve wellbeing.

City Thrive allows us to holistically support our participants socially, emotionally and psychologically through what is sure to be a difficult transition into the ‘new normal’. Equipping our participants with the practical tools they need to cope with the everyday stresses of life is vital, and we can already see strong engagement from our young people in these early stages.

Jason, City in the Community

In Melbourne, City in the Community are supporting vulnerable children and their families experiencing food insecurity. Through weekly breakfast clubs, the project is providing healthy food, educational support and positivity through football sessions to young people in the community.

This is a great programme, our boys love it. They get to experience a taste of soccer without having to join a club and they get to hang out with their friends and have good role models in their coaches who always encourage them to do their best at school.

Philip, parent of two CITC participants


Together, New York Common Pantry and City in the Community are supporting marginalised communuties in New York City, providing access to healthy, fresh and affordable food alongside education on healthy eating directly to the families of young people from their local programmes.

I grew up in the Bronx which is an area known for high poverty rates. Giving back to this community through food and football and seeing the reactions of kids and parents is very rewarding. Kids supported through New York Common Pantry are then able to come fully energised to play and we complement our football sessions with education on healthy eating.

Nayelly, Young Leader

This project is helping to provide sanitation equipment to schools to enable children and young people to return to education, as well as supporting them with the tools to continue their learning.

Here in Montevideo, we’re helping young people return to school safely and continue their education. We have been delivering sanitising kits to schools, and helping them to become Covid secure, to ensure children are still able to access their education.

Manu, City in the Community

This project has helped to create new Digital Learning Centres in some of the poorest communities in Mumbai, providing free access to online education for children who would otherwise be unable to continue their learning during the pandemic.

As a Young Leader, I have spent a lot of time not only coaching football but encouraging and mentoring children to pursue their education despite the difficult conditions of the lockdown. The opening of the Digital Learning Centre in my community and welcoming children to it for the first time has been a true highlight for me.

Shraddha, Young Leader

The project is supporting young people and key workers within care homes in Yokohama, ensuring they continue to have a safe environment in which to live and learn.

Our project is helping hundreds of young people and staff at care homes in Yokohama. We have delivered educational workshops to hundreds of young people to gain key computer skills and are running stress management workshops to support the staff within the homes.

Sato, YouMeWe

This project is working with schools and teachers across Chengdu to ensure that physical education and sport continues to be a fundamental part of school life for children.

We are training teachers from schools across Sichuan province to help them teach thousands of young people about health and hygiene through football. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting the health, development, and wellbeing of children has never been more important.

Shang Yu, Adream Foundation

This project is supporting the recovery of families and vulnerable people across the community, providing healthy and nutritious meals through regular distribution networks across the region.

Here in Lommel and the wider Limburg area, the coronavirus crisis has created considerable challenges for families who are already living in poverty. Every month, we are providing food, care and essential aid to over 800 vulnerable people across the community.

Danny, Saint Vincentius



This project, led by Red Cross Girona, is supporting the children and young people most at risk of missing out on their education by providing the tools and guidance to help them continue their learning safely.

The pandemic has limited children’s access to education, and their ability to continue learning. Through this project, we are able to support children every week, providing materials to continue their learning and create new opportunities for all girls and boys to continue their education.

Laia, Red Cross Girona

This project is supporting local people across Troyes, providing access to healthy food and essential products for families in need.

We are proud to play a small part in supporting our local community through Cityzens Giving for Recovery. In Troyes, many families have been hit hard by the pandemic and through this project, we are providing healthy food and essentials for families in need.

Florent, ESTAC Troyes

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