Tanaz Mohammed - Mumbai

A member of staff at Manchester City’s sister club, Mumbai City, has helped create Digital Learning Centres which are a vital lifeline for children who would otherwise be unable to continue their education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In her role as Grassroots Development Officer, Tanaz Mohammed inspires thousands of girls to start playing football, and, as part of Cityzens Giving for Recovery, she volunteered to help paint the Digital Learning Centres funded by the campaign. 

In Mumbai, the Coronavirus crisis has forced large sections of the school curriculum to be moved online, creating a significant challenge for children who do not have the resources to take part in lessons remotely. 

The funds raised by Cityzens Giving for Recovery enabled OSCAR Foundation to build Digital Learning Centres, which provide free access to online education for children who need it most. 

“My volunteering work has given me a wider understanding and a sense of responsibility towards the people of the community,” said Tanaz. 

“The experience was overwhelming, to see the kids being excited to meet and interact with us.  

“It has made me realise that, at times, your presence can create a huge difference and act as a ray of hope for so many. Seeing hope and determination in people is the most satisfying aspect.” 

Within each centre, Young Leaders and qualified digital trainers support the children, helping them access online resources assigned to them as part of the school curriculum. 

In addition to this, young people are also able to access football-based education sessions to support their learning. 

“They were curious and had a lot of questions for us, which made me feel more connected to them as I was answering and helping them understand better,” added Tanaz. 

“Over those few hours we managed to interact well. I made sure to make them aware about the opportunities and roles that are available in football for young adults and how the game provides an equal opportunity to females too.” 

To learn more visit: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/cityzens-giving-for-recovery-mumbai/