Kayvon Abbasi – Manchester

Kayvon Abbasi – Manchester

City in the Community in Manchester has played its own special part in the Cityzens Giving for Recovery programme, with the focus on supporting young people’s mental wellbeing across the city.

Funds raised from Cityzens Giving for Recovery are supporting City Thrive – a new bespoke programme offering enhanced mental health support for young people in Manchester aged 14 to 25.

City Thrive blends specially adapted football sessions with one-to-one mentoring and group workshops on mental health awareness, to improve wellbeing.

Building on this work, City in the Community staff are mentoring 20 local young people who have embarked on the new 93:20 volunteer programme which will see them complete up to 93 hours of volunteering, designed to develop their skills and experience, to help them prepare for the world of work.

For Kayvon Abbasi, a specialist schools sports officer at City in the Community, the impact and benefits for recipients of the vital work he has undertaken within the programme, have been tangible and life-affirming.

By way of powerful personal testimony, Kayvon referenced the crucial work he had undertaken with one young person, Grace, and he explained how rewarding the role had been.

“Grace has been my mentee for around six months now,” Kayvon revealed.

“We have regular 1-2-1s to check in how she is doing and what development she has made. I have given her support with her coaching, her personal statement and her application to the CITC Degree Scholarship (which she was successful in gaining) to name a few things.

“There has been a great sense of ‘giving back’ from my side and Grace has been very receptive to my support. 

“I understand what it was like at her age to put yourself out there and make an impression. I hope my guidance will help her in her journey.

“There is so much going on at her age and she has done extremely well managing it all.”

Kayvon also spoke about the powerful and impact that his own volunteering experiences had had on his life.

And he said the rewards of seeing young people such as Grace thrive and prosper made all the hard work and sacrifices worthwhile.

“I have a favourite saying: ‘They won’t care what you know, unless you know that they care’,” Kayvon added.

“Like I’ve said, I have been in her footsteps, and it’s not easy. There is so much going on at her age and she has done extremely well managing it all.“I endeavour to be that person she can speak to for advice and guidance if she is unsure or would just like reassurance.

“However, it’s not me giving her the answers or opening doors, I’d like to think it’s me giving the option of directions and she can choose the path to take.”

To learn more visit: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/cityzens-giving-for-recovery-manchester/