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Ticket Exchange update

Ticket Exchange update
We know the only place you really want to be on a matchday is the Etihad Stadium, but sometimes you just can’t make it.

City Matters told us that they had received feedback from supporters asking for more information about the Ticket Exchange and how it worked. We took that feedback on board, and have also introduced some changes for the new season. 

We want to ensure the team have full support every matchday, so this season we’re asking supporters to give someone else the chance to take the place, if you can’t make a game, by listing your ticket on the Ticket Exchange. 

If you know that you cannot make a fixture, then no problem, you can log in here to list your ticket.

Listing your ticket is easy. Information about how to do it can be found here: How Ticket Exchange works 

Please note that this season, if a Seasoncard holder does not attend or does not place their Seasoncard seat on the Club’s Ticket Exchange for a combined total of 10 Premier League home matches during the 2019/20 season, then the respective Seasoncard holder’s seat may not be automatically renewed for the following season, and any requested renewal will be granted or denied by the Club (acting in its absolute discretion).

So, in order to guarantee your opportunity to renew your Seasoncard for the 2020/21 season you must either:

1. Attend a minimum of 10 home Premier League matches 

2. Attend less than 10 home Premier League matches but list the difference on the Ticket Exchange (e.g. if you attend 3 you must list a minimum of 7*) 

This ensures that another fan gets the chance to give the team support at the game and you will be refunded 1/19th of your Seasoncard price if your ticket is sold on the Ticket Exchange. 

If your ticket doesn’t sell, don’t worry, the fact that you have listed your ticket means that it will go towards your minimum requirement to qualify for renewal next season. 

Commenting on the Ticket Exchange, City Matters said: “We want as many supporters as possible to have the opportunity to come to the Etihad Stadium on a matchday and get behind the team.

"The Ticket Exchange is a fantastic concept, Seasoncard holders get 1/19th of their money back and it allows another supporter to attend in their place”. 

If you have any queries about the Ticket Exchange or any other matter, please contact a member of the Supporter Services team, who will be happy to help, on +44 (0)161 444 1894.

*Please note that the maximum number of games for which you can sell your Seasoncard on the Ticket Exchange has increased from 6 to 10 games for the 2019/20 season, at the request of City Matters.

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