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20 Best Images of 2020

2020. A year like no other.

Masks. Social distancing. Empty stadiums. 1.5 million deaths globally from COVID-19. Racial unrest sweeping the world. 

No one could have predicted the tumultuous year we've experienced and it's likely to go down as one of the most historic the world has ever witnessed. 

In the midst of these challenges, 2020 has seen success for Manchester City, from our men's team picking up a third Carabao Cup in a row, to our women's team securing back-to-back FA Cups.

The year also proved a positive one for our Academy, as we secured a second Premier League Under-18 Cup in as many years, followed by our first FA Youth Cup title since 2008.

We also waved goodbye to the great David Silva, whose legacy at the Club will endure for years to come, and extended our manager’s contract for a further two years, with Pep committing to City until the summer of 2023. 

And in a year that has seen most of our football played behind closed doors, we know that, despite not being in attendance, our fans have been with us every step of the way.

Our team of Club photographers - Victoria Haydn, Tom Flathers and Matt McNulty - were there every step of the way to document this extraordinary 12 months.

The virus has changed how photographers work and given them a new perspective. That can be seen in the selection of images curated here. 

So, check out our 20 best photos from 2020 in the gallery below. 

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