Sergio Aguero is synonymous with goalscoring.

He is the greatest goalscorer in Manchester City’s history and, having hit the back of the net more than 400 times in his career, he has long been regarded as one of the best strikers in the world.

Since his arrival in the summer of 2011, Aguero has scored 254 goals for City and has proven himself to be one of the deadliest strikers the Premier League has ever seen.

Our Argentine ace is the highest scoring overseas player in the competition’s history and also holds the record for the most hat-tricks scored (12).

His 180 Premier League goals, leave him fourth on the all-time list, behind one-time City striker, Andrew Cole, Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer, who leads the way with 260.

However, Aguero is the most efficient scorer the Premier League has ever had.

The 32-year-old has, by some distance, the best minutes per goal record of any player who has hit the back of the net more than 40 times.

Our No.10 averages a goal every 106.5 minutes, which is just under 14 minutes fewer than Harry Kane, who is in second place with a goal every 120.1 minutes.

Thierry Henry is third, scoring every 121 minutes, whilst Mohamed Salah and Ruud van Nistelrooy complete the top five.  

Gabriel Jesus is seventh overall, having scored every 130.1 minutes, whilst former City striker Edin Dzeko comes in at number 11, with a goal every 140.9 minutes.

Aguero’s record becomes all the more impressive when you compare it to the three men to have scored more than him.

Shearer is edged out of the top 10 into 15th place having scored every 146.8 minutes, whilst Cole is in 30th having found the net every 168.8 minutes.

Rooney is 43st with a goal every 182.2 minutes.

Having scored 23 times in all competitions in 2019/20, it does not look as if Aguero’s goals will dry up any time soon.

Eight more would see him eclipse Cole and move into third place on the all-time list and if he continues to score at the same rate, he will no doubt cement his place as the most efficient scorer seen on these shores.

Best minutes per goal record in Premier League history:

1. Sergio Aguero
Total goals: 180
Total minutes: 19,177
Minutes per goal: 106.5

2. Harry Kane
Total goals: 143
Total minutes: 17,175
Minutes per goal: 120.1

3. Thierry Henry
Total goals: 175
Total minutes: 21, 280
Minutes per goal: 121.6

4. Mohamed Salah
Total goals: 75
Total minutes: 9,554
Minutes per goal: 127.3

5. Ruud van Nistelrooy
Total goals: 95
Total minutes: 12,135
Minutes per goal: 127.3

6. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Total goals: 54
Total minutes: 6,913
Minutes per goal: 128

7. Gabriel Jesus
Total goals: 41
Total minutes: 5,338
Minutes per goal: 130.1

8. Luis Suarez
Total goals: 69
Total minutes: 9,556
Minutes per goal: 138.4

9. Robin van Persie
Total goals: 144
Total minutes: 20,047
Minutes per goal: 139.2

10. Hernan Crespo
Total goals: 20
Total minutes: 2,796
Minutes per goal: 139.8

Correct as of 27 July 2020.