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Guardiola: City cannot stand still after I leave

Pep Guardiola says Manchester City must ensure the Club does not get left behind when his time in charge comes to an end.

Guardiola believes it is vital the manager that follows him continues the success of the last decade as he warned time waits for no one and takes the same view when it comes to replacing players who have been integral to this wonderful period in the Club’s history.


City have bid fond farewells to Pablo Zabaleta, Vincent Kompany and David Silva in recent years, whilst Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho are in the latter stage of their careers.

The City boss says the ultimate aim is to recruit players who can maintain the success achieved by such legendary figures.

“This is the dream,” he said ahead of Sunday’s Manchester derby.

“To replace these players that are special, that started to create the club we are. David Silva, Pablo Zabaleta, Vincent Kompany, even Joe Hart. 

“To be a team from mid table to fight for the titles you need special players. I admire all of them. They created the situation we have now.

“The people that came later had to follow the legacy that they started and the players and manager that are coming after us have to continue what we have done in this five years together.

“The club must not stop and say Pep is not here anymore. There is no time to wait. The new one has to do it. The players have to do it.

“We would love to have Vincent Kompany eternally - but age is age. Txiki’s job is to replace as best as possible to still be there. Our fans demand we fight to win titles.”

City have won 14 trophies since Roberto Mancini ushered in a new era with the 2011 FA Cup victory and a first Premier League title the following year.

Manuel Pellegrini followed suit with two League Cups and a second championship before Guardiola’s trophy laden spell in charge.

The Catalan takes great pride in City’s consistency during that period and says the regularity with which we have competed for titles is a sign of the Club’s good health.

“The nicest thing we have done in the last decade, was every time we won the titles, we are always there,” he explained.

“The lowest position after winning was second. You see other champions fight to qualify for the top four.

“That is consistency. That's how you become a respected club. You can win one title, but to be there for a long time is what I am proud of most. Not just in my period, in the last decade.

“You can arrive in the finals and lose it for one penalty, but to arrive in April being in all the titles, in the semi-finals, fighting for the Premier League, arriving hopefully in the quarter finals of the Champions League.  This means you are considered a top club.

“It takes a lot of work from many departments, not just the manager. All my backroom staff work a lot. The players especially, but all departments in the club.

“That's why we continue. Our bosses and fans demand to see the team fighting for top positions in all competitions.”

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