Fernandinho has revealed how the current enforced absence from football has merely served to reinforce how much he misses and appreciates his fellow City team-mates and staff.

With action in most of the world currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s presented a unique new scenario for all the players.

And Fernandinho says the enforced period of inactivity has brought home to him just how much he values his relationships and rapport with all of his City colleagues.

“I am very much missing football. Not just the football, but my relationships with my team-mates, with the staff and all the people at the Club,” revealed Fernandinho, who is currently back home in Brazil with his family.


“I miss arriving at the Club in the morning, having a chat with everyone in the kitchen. This is a tough time for everybody, and I am feeling it right now because I am really missing everyone.”

Asked what aspects of life at City he was missing the most, our Brazilian international pointed to the normal daily interaction with his team-mates and the rest of the Club’s staff.

“(I really miss) the training sessions, the relationships with team-mates and staff, the time before training you are talking with the physios, sometimes the kitchen after breakfast and even on the pitch before training starts. Everything,” he stressed.

“We live in different ways so now we are just isolated far from everyone. You make some phone and video calls, but it is not the same. It is hard to be honest.

“We have been in touch with the Club staff and they are sending us some plans, about what kind of exercises we have to do.

“Sometimes I take the footballs out, sometimes take a rest, but most of the days we are doing some exercises.

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“Sometimes we have a video call conference with them and a training session as well. That is the way we are trying to keep fit, but it isn’t the same of course.”

The one big positive from the current lockdown has been the fact that the unprecedented situation has afforded Fernandinho an extended period of quality time with his family.

And our Brazilian star revealed his two children had been helping act as personal coaches during the past few weeks.

“Before the lockdown in the UK, I asked for permission to travel to Brazil to spend this difficult time with my family,” Fernandinho revealed.

“The Club allowed me to come and I am here in the North East of Brazil. We took a house over here with some space for the kids as well and we are spending this time here. It is really nice.

“Now we are spending more time with the kids, my wife and family and it is a different situation.

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“Most of the time you are away, and you have to travel, sometimes you just sleep at home two or three days a week because most of the time you are away (playing).

“So now we spend seven days a week at home and you discover a new life. I am enjoying that time.

“My daughter helped me in the first few days and now my son also helps me. It is the best way to work and to keep happy.

“She is three years old and my son is ten years old.

“(They can play football in the future) if they wish. They have my full support, but most importantly they go to their school and after that we will see if they are going to play football or not, but it will be their decision.”

And while here in the UK, the past few weeks of lockdown have coincided with unseasonably warm weather, Ferna revealed he too wasn’t missing out on the best of the sunshine.

“I am happy for you guys, but I do not need to be jealous as here in the North East of Brazil it is like 30 degrees, so that is the life!”