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View from the pressbox: Aguero’s legacy will endure, says Winter

Departing City legend Sergio Aguero will go down in history as one of the Premier League’s all-time elite master marksmen.

That’s the glowing testimonial of Henry Winter, chief football writer of the Times and one of the game’s most respected voices.

In his role as one of the leading chroniclers of the Premier League, Winter has enjoyed a unique perspective on Aguero’s remarkable, decade-long career at City – one which has seen the Argentine become our all-time leading goalscorer and cement his place in the pantheon of Club legends.

Ahead of Aguero’s Etihad farewell against Everton on Sunday, Winter declared that Kun’s influence and legacy will reverberate far and wide across the English game for decades to come.


And he says that both the manner and execution of Kun’s iconic 93:20 title winner against Queens Park Rangers to seal our unforgettable first Premier League title in 2012 summed up the essence of the man and the player.

“I think the great players have finals named after them. We had the Matthews final, the Gerrard final, but a great player like Aguero actually has a time named after him!” Henry asserted.

“If you say 93:20 to anyone in football they will go: ‘Agueroooo’ and probably then do the Martin Tyler impression!

“I think everyone talks about what an important goal it was and, of course, it was. It was absolutely incredible.

“But looking back, I also think what a remarkable goal it was too.

“Just to have that little pause, that ice in his veins at that pivotal moment as he prepared to shoot just sums up Aguero as the master of the penalty box.

“As a man who is up there with the all-time greats of the close-range finishes.

“Just to have that presence of mind and that confidence to pause and beat the 'keeper and place the ball in the net speaks volumes about the man and the player.


“I just think he’s one of the greatest but, in a strange way, unheralded players in English history.

“He doesn’t do many interviews and he has largely tended to avoid the limelight.

“I once described Sergio to someone at City as: ‘high yield, low maintenance’ and I think he has been like that all through his career.

“He’s such a professional. He always looks ready and desperate to play but never moans when he doesn’t start.

“He just wants to play and finish.

Aguero will be remembered and revered and his name will be cherished for decades and decades to come because of what he did and for his amazing commitment.


“Even his scrappy goals were classy.

“There has always been a smoothness to his finishing, he was absolutely deadly and he’s still doing it at 32.”

Winter also says that going forward he hopes the Argentine is honoured within the English game as whole for his outstanding contribution to both City in particular and the Premier League in general.

Citing his enduring excellence, longevity and ultimate professionalism, Winter believes Kun’s hunger and desire to help City achieve success across the past 10 years has served as the perfect example to all.

“I just hope that there is special award for Sergio Aguero within the game for what he’s done and for showing everyone that it’s about keeping going,” Winter added.

“That it is not about one game, one month or one season even.

“It’s about doing it again and again; season after season and only the greats do that.

“Anyone can have a hit single but it’s like being Oasis and coming out with great album after album.

Sergio Aguero has done that time and again.”