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Scott sets FA Cup target

OPENER: Jill Scott bags City's first ever goal in the competition

OPENER: Jill Scott bags City's first ever goal in the competition

England international Jill Scott has set herself a new target: to win the FA Cup with Man City Women.

The midfielder, who has won three trophies in three seasons with the Blues, already has a winners’ medal in the competition from 2010 but wishes to do so again with Nick Cushing’s side.

The reigning double-winners have been knocked out at the hands of Chelsea in all three seasons in the top flight, and Scott is determined to make history with City once again by at least reaching the final at Wembley.

“I’m still a bit gutted about last season’s FA Cup,” she conceded. “We want to win everything.

“I’m lucky enough to have won it before but there are those that haven’t. It’s always a great day and those are the memories you remember. That’s definitely on the to-do list.

“As soon as you say ‘Wembley’, I look back to the 2012 Olympics against Brazil. I remember everything about the game.

“We played against Germany there too, which wasn’t a great result – but you still remember the feeling of playing there. It’s where you want to be and to give the girls that opportunity would be fantastic.

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“As long as we keep doing the right things and making the right decisions, I’m sure that’s something we can achieve in the future.”

Scott, who signed for City in November 2013 and has witnessed the Club’s incredible transformation to league title winners and Champions League quarter-finalists, added she always knew the Blues were destined for success, but has been surprised with how soon it has been achieved. For that, she credits a strong team ethic.

She continued: “I thought it could happen but perhaps not as quickly as it has done. It’s been such a journey and I’ve loved every minute.

“It’s been a lot of hard work but you don’t get success without that.

“One of the main things at this Club is having good people around. Without them, we wouldn’t have achieved what we have.

“It’s like being with your family every day – if everyone was the same, you’d get bored and it would be mentally draining. Having different characters and conversations – you can have a completely different one from one table to the next – gives us a good balance.

“Sometimes, you can get into a routine: football, home, football, home. It’s important to have time away from football and it’s important that people put effort in off the pitch as well as on it.

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“We try to have a coffee after training, reflect on the day and talk about what we’re going to do when we get home.”

The England star, who has earned more than 100 caps for the Lionesses, is of course an inspiration to budding female footballers around the world, though she revealed she takes heart from the younger players in City’s side.

Reflecting on what she described as an anxious period, as the Blues edged closer to their first league title, Scott explained: “It was good having the younger players around at that time – not because they weren’t under as much pressure to win it but because they knew they had time on their side so they were more relaxed.

“They just wanted to go out and play well, showing their enthusiasm.

“The older players probably balanced that out with a little bit of realism, setting out what we wanted to do. It was a good mixture and we managed to handle the pressure.

“I wouldn’t say the younger players lean on us on a day-to-day basis because we all go out, train and work incredibly hard. In matches, they will speak to us and we’ll sometimes try and rein them in if things are getting too much.

“The cooler heads will keep people in the moment. I’d like to think they lean on us for some things and hopefully, we can carry on that culture because you can’t put a price on experience. That’s one thing the older player bring to this group.

“I’m learning a lot about the new generation and they probably think I’m old and boring!”

In terms of personal targets for 2017, Scott hopes to see her name on the scoresheet more often.

“Adding goals to my game is still something I want to improve on,” she stated.

“I’m glad I was able to contribute for Club and country last year, but I’d like to do so a little bit more.”

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