Andrew Cole has spoken of his desire to keep up his remarkable Premiership goalscoring record at Manchester City.

Cole’s consistency has seen him become the second highest scorer in the history of the Premiership, and he took only 24 minutes to open his account at City when he pounced from three yards out in last Saturday’s match against Everton.

And echoing the words of this week’s other new arrival, Darius Vassell, the striker confirmed that he still has the hunger to succeed at a big club like City.

“I have been fortunate to play for some big clubs and this is another big club that I am going to play for.

“I am a player who has always liked a challenge, and this is definitely another challenge. Whatever club I have been at, I have given 110 per cent, and that will certainly be the case here.”

With having played at the very top level for over a decade, Cole played against his new manager on several occasions, so the Stuart Pearce factor was another key reason in his decision to come to the club.

“I’ve played against Stuart a few times and know him reasonably well. When he said that he wanted me to come to the club, that was very important, and I knew that I couldn’t turn him down.”

He is also keen to tackle the issue of his time at Old Trafford head-on, as he is aware of the critical comments that have emerged from some quarters with regard to the part of his career spent across the city.

“I know a lot has been made about me coming here, but the funny thing about it is that I am not the first player to have played for both teams in Manchester.

“It’s not as if I have come straight from Manchester United to City. I have had two clubs in between. I can’t see it being a problem. 

“When I play football, I play to win. If anything changed in me, I would stop playing the game. I give my all and that’s what I am about.

“I know there are going to be a few sceptics. People will immediately point to me having played for United, but I’ve heard some people make comments about my age. Why?

“There are players who have been a few years older than me who have played for Manchester City and they have done a very good job. I want to do the same.”