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Pep: "We are Champions League teenagers."

PEP: Looks ahead to Schalke tesr
Pep Guardiola says City are “teenagers” in the Champions League and just embarking on a long journey in the competition.

The Blues’ boss admitted some of the European powerhouses are decades ahead in terms of experience.

“We could make another step this season, but you need 20, 30 years… we cannot deny, if we arrive in last stages of this competition, we make another step forward, but I think to compare with other teams, one success doesn’t change it.

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“We are teenagers in this competition," said Pep. "That's how I feel. We push ourselves. Will not be happy if we don’t go through. We want it

“The best way is to feel this kind of pressure. You have to dream, to point as high as possible.

“At same time, accept there are other teams thinking the same. We cannot deny how strong they are,

“We want to compete. We have to have the desire to compete and face them.”

The boss says his players must be on high alert for the second leg against Schalke to ensure progression to the last eight of the competition.

The Blues lead 3-2 from the first leg in Gelsenkirchen, but the Catalan believes anything is still possible and his player must be on guard against Schalke.

“I prefer this score than the one at Anfield when we were 3-0 down!” he smiled.

“It’s 90 minutes hard work ahead and we still we have a job to do. We must make incredible efforts in epic salutations to go through.

“In the first leg, we had Nico sent off, one goal in first few minutes… anything can happen in this competition. These kinds of situations take a lot of influence to control.

“We played many minutes 2-1 down. Then, Leroy Sane makes an incredible action to win that game.

                        Leroy Sane fires a rocket of a free-kick into the back of the net to draw the score level at 2-2!
Leroy Sane fires a rocket of a free-kick into the back of the net to draw the score level at 2-2!

“We've had good results away in the Champions League. Here in the past, there are problems but, in this competition, every game is different. It is something special.

“One week ago, we didn't expect what would happen at Paris St Germain or Real Madrid. Every game is different.

“We must play the perfect game and do what we need to do to go through. We still have a job to do.”

Pep admitted winning the Champions League would be a vital part of the Club’s evolution

“I said many times: all clubs in group stages want to win this title. It’s so put in perspective:

“Going through is another step, but it is difficult. This competition is judged when you are out in the last 16 and it is a disaster.

“The fact is, it is a big success to just be there competing in the Champions League.

“We are closer, so close to doing it. When you go through the group stages, it’s a big success, only a few teams go through every season.

“Imagine going to the last eight best teams in Europe it is an incredible success, I approach this competition in this way.

“The teams who went out group stage also had the desire. If you don’t win, next season, try to win it…

“I don’t feel this kind of pressure to win it. Chelsea spent a lot of time to win it. Everybody wants it, but I don’t feel the pressure

“I have the pressure to do a good job, reduce our mistakes. Punish your own mistakes, quality of opponents.

“This competition, it is never just another game – it is always a special game. Players can do something unique. Focus is incredible.

“We have to focus – tactically and mentality and try to win this game.”

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