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On the beach at Blackpool

There are some archive material that are difficult to put a date on.

Case in point, this fantastic collection of images from early 1927 of City training on the beach at Blackpool.

Far from the smart Nike training kits of today, the players went for a stroll in their smart waistcoats and rolled up ‘bloomers’ (?).

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TAKING A DIP : Stroll out or gentle training session?
TAKING A DIP : Stroll out or gentle training session?

It’s hard to imagine a modern-day player wearing the top half of a suit before a session!

Confirmation the images were taken during the 1926/27 campaign has now been received by the Club - but there was very little detail to go on as they weren’t captioned.

Apparently, City would regularly travel to Blackpool to train on the beach there, and they would always stay at the Norbreck Hydro.

Originally built as a large private country house in 1869, Norbreck was purchased around the end of the 19th century by J.H. Shorrocks who used the house to entertain friends and colleagues with lavish weekend parties.

The popularity of these parties led to Shorrocks running them on a commercial basis by taking paying guests.

HOTEL : Norbreck Hydro, Blackpool
HOTEL : Norbreck Hydro, Blackpool

In 1912, Shorrocks formed a public company and expanded the building, now named the Norbreck Hydro, in several phases, adding a ballroom, swimming pool and solarium in the early 1930s.

By then the Hydro was patronised by nobility and the British upper class, in addition to being, a venue for the top stars of stage, screen and radio – and football, of course.

And it wasn’t only the Blues who liked to be beside the seaside…

Manchester United also used to train on the beaches at Blackpool and stay at the Norbreck Hydro.

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