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From the archives: Shake, rattle and goal!

From the archives: Shake, rattle and goal!
They are very much a thing of the past, but these sturdy matchday essentials of yesteryear were once an essential part of going to the game.

The 'clackers' of their day, fans would hold the rattle aloft and then spin it around to make a loud noise that would often liven up the crowd.

The noise of rattles being swung were as common at Maine Road as they were at many English ground, and their sturdy build has ensured a number have survived the passage of time.

AGUERO: 'I'm feeling better than ever!'


City were donated/loaned three rattles for the Club archives (pictured) as a reminder of a bygone era.

                        From the archives: Shake, rattle and goal!

The only drawback is that you wouldn’t want to be whacked by the spinning wooden instruments of noise – as must surely have happened by accident to some poor souls – and this is perhaps one of the reasons they eventually died out.

That plus they were generally just annoying!

Would they be allowed in stadiums today? Probably not…

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