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Guardiola: My players have earned respect

Guardiola: My players have earned respect
Pep Guardiola has called for focus from his Manchester City players as they look to secure the Club’s third Premier League title.

The Blues have suffered three-consecutive defeats this week – but need just five points from the remaining six games to become champions again.

And ahead of the trip to Tottenham on Saturday, Guardiola reiterated the importance of winning the competition he describes as “the most important”.

“Now we have six games to play - 18 points to play for - and we need five points,” he said.

“The next game is Tottenham because the schedule is what it is - it doesn’t matter whether it’s a top, top team.

“After that is Swansea, next West Ham, Huddersfield, Brighton.

“We need the points to try and win the most important title of the season

"We need five points in six games and the first option to take points is tomorrow. After that we focus on Swansea and after West Ham.

“Every game we need to think about the points we need to be champions.”

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Meanwhile, Guardiola says his squad have earned his respect for the way they have played this season.

City have faced criticism in some quarters this week after passing up the chance to win the Premier League title with six games remaining and exiting the Champions League.

But the Catalan boss says he is delighted with the way his side have approached the season and has described their efforts as “magnificent”.

“After losing at Anfield and United, we were top,” he said.

“During the season it is like this. These are magnificent players. I am sad - we are sad - but I have to judge the way we did it. They know when I am angry and I’m not happy and I tell them it’s not the way we have to do it.

“But they know I am still there, supporting until the end. A month ago, everyone says we are champions and we cannot lose - now we lose three in a row. It’s part of the game.

“All the teams lose games. Whatever happens in the season, winning or losing, they deserve my respect for what they have done.”

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