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US Tour 2011: San Francisco in pictures

Golden Gate Bridge
Whether it's the grand designs of Pacific Heights, the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge or the mystery of Alcatraz, San Francisco is one of the most fascinating destinations on America's west coast.

City are in town on July 16 for a match against Mexican side Club America, but those making their way to the game at AT&T Park have to make time to see the best of the City by the Bay. Alcatraz is a must-see attraction and is one one of San Francisco's most popular tourist attractions. Now empty of prisoners, the tour takes in a walk through the maximum security prison's main landing and you'll soon get an impression of what it must have been like to have been incarcerated there.


Fisherman's Wharf - an area of seafood restaurants, hotels, family friendly attractions and bars is also worth taking in, especially if you enjoy eating your food with spectacular ocean views. It's also the city's No.1 visitor destination.

Fishermans Wharf San Fran

Of course, the main reason for any visit will be to see the Blues in action and the game with Club America will take place at AT&T Park, home of baseball side San Francisco Giants. Nestled in the South Beach area of the city and commanding spectacular views of the Bay Bridge, it's been home to the Giants since 2000, houses almost 42,000 fans and should be a unique experience for travelling fans and the players.

Holding Image San Fran Giants Stadium

Finally, if you're looking to get around the city, make sure you hop on one of San Francisco's famous trams as you travel up and down roads that befit a town built on hills. They may not run as smoothly as the Metrolink, but at least you can say you've been there and done that.

Trams of San Fran

And if you are wondering 'what hills?' - take a look at these bad boys and imagine cycling up them every morning! For a taste of the city, rent out Steve McQueen's classic 'Bullit' on DVD, book a Ford Mustang for the weekend and live the dream...

The Famous Hills of San fran

US Tour 2011:

July 16: Club America v City, AT&T Park, San Francisco

July 18: Vancouver Whitecaps v City, Empire Field, Vancouver

July 24: LA Galaxy  v City, Home Depot Stadium, Los Angeles

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