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Boadu relishing day to day Man City life

Boadu relishing day to day Man City life
Having recovered from a career threatening injury to star in the end to the Premier League 2 season, Denzeil Boadu has already been involved with the Manchester City first team.

Boadu, a 19-year-old attacking midfielder with an eye for a defence splitting pass, has missed much of the last two campaigns but he’s been a key part of Simon Davies’ squad since his return to fitness in the new year.

That form to help his side to second place in the table has seen Boadu rewarded with the chance to train alongside some of the biggest names in the world game.

He said: “Training with players of that quality is great because ultimately, that’s where everybody on the Academy side of the training ground wants to be. I got the chance to really compare myself to the likes of David Silva and to see what he’s doing up close and personal and try to learn off that.”

His presence in City’s midfield has been a calming influence on a technically proficient under-23’s side but Boadu knows he can add more to his game.

Click here to see Boadu, Cameron Humphreys and Thierry Ambrose training alongside the first team.

“Goals and assists are very important. Usually when players are very good players, they’ll say that goals and important moments are the difference between being a good player and a world-class player,” said Boadu.

“You can have all the attributes but you need to be getting goals and assists and I’m very aware of that. I’m always trying to add that to my game.

“City’s philosophy is to get the ball down and play football and press aggressively without the ball. I think that’s the best type of football suited for a player like myself who likes to have the ball and play in tight situations with combination plays.”

Although he’s determined to move on from his injury both physically and mentally as quickly as possible, Boadu does admit that his time away from the game has had a profound impact on him.

“I’ve been playing football every day since I was five and it was probably the first thing I knew I loved. Thinking about it every day but not being able to play for 20 months was very difficult but I met some really good people on the way that kept me going.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like I’ve made up for the lost time. 20 months is almost two years and that’s a long time to lose.

“If I do go on to be what I aspire to be, I think in the back of my mind I will still wonder where I could be if I hadn’t missed so much football. I’m not going to get that time back so I have to make sure that between now and the end of my career I achieve as much as I can.

“I’m a different person. I’m a lot stronger and more mature mentally and I’m so grateful for the position I’m in now. Realistically, football could have been over at the age of 19 so every day that I’m fit is something to be thankful for.”

Boadu and his Premier League 2 teammates will welcome Derby County to the Academy Stadium on Friday 7 April.