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EDS Q&A: Kean Bryan

Find out a little bit more about City Elite Development Squad midfielder Kean Bryan in the second of our lighthearted question and answer sessions.

Fact file.

Name: Kean Bryan

Position: Midfielder

From: Manchester

Age: 18-years old.

2014/15 stats: 19 appearances

Best City moment…?

Maybe when I scored against West Ham last season to get us through to the u18 play-off final in the last 30 seconds of the game. I was on the bench for that game as well and I came on and scored. It was a good moment for me and the team.

Any nicknames?

I get called K-Dog, Kea-Dog and KB and that’s it really.

Xbox or Playstation…?


FIFA or Pro Evo…?


If you could learn another language…?

Spanish. There’s a few of the lads in the team that speak Spanish and it’s just mind-tricking how fast they speak. One day, maybe…

Dream Holiday destination…?

New York probably. Yeah, I’d like to go there.

Guilty pleasure (food)…?

Nandos. Anyone who knows me – Nandos, I’m there, literally anytime after the game, I’m there.

Guilty pleasure (music)…?

I love Drake, after games, before games. When I’m happy, when I’m sad. But for a guilty pleasure I’d say a bit of Justin Bieber, maybe.

Favourite film…?

Cool Runnings. “Sanka, ya dead man?” 

Favourite TV Show…?

Obviously Sky Sports News is on most of the day, but I’ll say Drake and Josh. Quality!

Favourite player of all-time…?

Steven Gerrard, definitely!

Which rule would you like to change…?

I don’t wear sock tape, but now you have to change this sock tape if it’s a different colour to your socks. It’s getting a bit too much now!

If not a footballer, what would you do…?

PE teacher maybe. My PE teacher at school was really good and obviously he liked football a lot.

How would you dress to impress…?

I love to look on point most of the time, so for a special occasion I’d probably go for a shirt, with a blazer on, black jeans and a decent pair of shoes.

Best/Worst school subjects…?

My best as I said was PE, I got on with my teacher really well. And then my worst was Science. Hated it.

Best friends in football…?

I get on with all the lads really. From my age, I’m close with Angelino, Bran [Brandon Barker], Thierry [Ambrose], Denz [Denzeil Boadu] and Pablo [Maffeo]. They’re all good, because obviously we came from the youth team and moved up together. 

I’m quite close with the older ones as well. Off the pitch I’m out a lot with Ash Smith-Brown, James Horsfield, Jack Byrne and players like that.

First footballing memory…?

I remember when I was young actually and I wasn’t really that into football until I was like 10. 

The first game I remember watching was the Champions League final in 2005, Liverpool vs AC Milan. I was out in the back garden and wasn’t really that interested, then I heard it was 3-0 and back to 3-3 and I remember watching it the next day and thinking, wow, what a game!

Best goal you've seen…?

I’ll go for Roberto Carlos’s free-kick for Brazil against France. That was a quality goal and the technique was something you don’t see every day.

Favourite other sport…?

I like playing tennis in the summer with my friends. 

If you could have a super power what would you have...?

Super strength . Big man here!

Funniest teammate…?

I’m gonna say two at the moment. James Horsfield (pictured below) is a quality crack, he’s such a weird character but he’s a great laugh and whenever you’re down he’ll always cheer you up and ask if you’re alright. 

But he’s got very good banter. The other one is Jacky boy Byrne, his banter is so bad that you have to laugh at him and his Irish accent makes it even funnier!

Best trainer…?

Pablo Maffeo. He always want to train as he plays and I think that’s good as it shows the manager everything he does in training, he’s going to bring into the game. He’s very passionate.

Best dressed…?

I don’t really want to say this but Ash Smith-Brown can have a go and look decent. He’s got a bit of swag about him.

Best first-teamer…?

Micah Richards. I know him personally and what he’s done for the club coming through as a youngster is quality. I’d like to follow in his footsteps.

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