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Shop Black Friday deals and support CITC!

Planning to do some shopping on Black Friday?

Did you know that you can generate cashback from shopping online?

There’s even an option to decide what percentage to keep, and how much you’d like to donate to City in the Community (CITC), Manchester City’s Official Charity.

Thanks to CITC’s partnership with Kindred, this is possible across many of your favourite shopping sites.

Getting cashback is easier than ever, thanks to Kindred’s new shopping keyboard which automatically highlights offers when you browse.

Simply download the Kindred app before shopping! Visit

For more information about how the app works, watch the video below:

Prefer to shop online through a computer or laptop? You can add a ‘shopping companion’ which will show cashback deals when you visit retailers through your desktop browsers. Download here:

Every penny raised will go towards supporting CITC’s work across Greater Manchester, which support thousands of people with direct health, education and inclusion benefits.