Setty, Trippernn, Cold and Threats all qualified for the FNCS Major 3 Semi-Finals after positive performances from all of them in their qualifying games.

Here is a breakdown of how each City Esports pro and their respective duos performed across EU and NA.

Starting in NA, Cold and his partner Acorn have already qualified for the FNCS Global Championships after they won FNCS Major 1.

But that doesn’t mean practise and tournament exposure isn’t vital for the duo ahead of the biggest Fortnite competition.

After Qualifier 1, the duo placed 11th with 555 points. And after Qualifier 2 their confirmed position for the Semi-Finals is 55th which means they will advance to the lower bracket.

City’s other, long-standing NA competitor, Threats and his duo EpikWhale had a tricky start in Qualifier 1, placing outside the top 50 and therefore left with a lot to work towards in Qualifier 2.

But the duo faced the challenge confidently and it paid off. They picked up an impressive 460 points the following weekend of matches, including two Victory Royales, to see them place 30th and qualify for the Semi-Finals upper bracket.

Competing in EU, Setty and his partner Kami also placed outside the top 100 after Qualifier 1. But the Polish pros turned up the heat in Qualifier 2 and finished the weekend 35th and in the upper bracket after the picked up 515 points compared to their 170 the weekend prior.

Like Cold, the duo have already qualified for the FNCS Global Championships after their stellar performances in Major 2’s Grand Finals.

Trippernn and his duo Fredoxie have qualified for the lower bracket of the Major 3 Semi-Finals after back-to-back intense weekends where results didn’t quite go their way and in turn not quite reach the top 50.

The Semi-Finals will take place across 19-21 July. A breakdown of City’s involvement in the competition will be available on and our official X account: @ManCityEsports next month.