FNCS returns today, Friday 19 April, with the Major 2 Open Qualifiers which will see all of Man City Esports’s Fortnite pros compete for a place in the Finals of the competition.

Qualifiers 2 is here and City’s Fortnite pros will be looking to build on their results from Qualifiers 1 last weekend with the aim to finish in the Top 50 and qualify for the Upper Round of the semi-finals. 

After the first weekend of games, here is how each of the City pros are getting on with their respective duos:

  • Setty - 35th with 435 points.
  • Trippernn - 54th with 300 points.
  • Cold - 3rd with 595 points.
  • Threats - 28th with 470 points. 

Here is a breakdown of how Qualifiers 1 and the upcoming Qualifiers 2 works...

Competing in EU, Setty and his duo Kami and Trippernn and his partner Fredoxie will fight to avoid knockout and earn as many points as possible. The weekends will be split into four rounds:

  • Round 1 - Ranked Platinum and above play 10 matches.
  • Round 2 - Only the top 2000 qualify from Round 1. Another 10 matches to earn points are played.
  • Round 3 - Top 1000 qualify from Round 2 to play another 10 matches.
  • Round 4 - The top 250 qualify for the final round. A final 10 matches are played before the final leaderboard for week one.

In the NA region, Threats and his duo Sphinx and reigning champions Cold and Acorn will look to do the same across both weekends. 

The full event will be available to watch on Fornite’s Twitch channel and you can also keep up-to-date on our esports socials: @mancityesports.

A successful set of qualifying rounds will hopefully see all of City’s pros qualify for FNCS Major 2 semi-finals which will take place across Friday 3 May, Saturday 4 May and Sunday 5 May.

In the semi-finals, the duos will compete in either the Lower Semis or the Upper Semis, depending on their position on the Series Points leaderboard.


A more detailed preview of the semi-finals will be available on mancity.com and the Official Man City App will be available early next month.

Everyone at Manchester City would like to wish Setty, Trippernn, Threats and Cold, as well as their duos, the best of luck as they compete and look to help City on our way to a second FNCS title.