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Hyderabad Cityzens and Seattle City Blues link up for fan screening

Two Official Supporters Club branches located thousands of miles apart recently joined forces for a special fan screening as Hyderabad Cityzens hosted the Seattle City Blues.

Finding a group of City fans to watch the game with ranked high on Praharsha Gowni’s list of priorities when he visited Hyderabad on holiday in December 2021.

Now living in the United States, Gowni spent his teenage years in the City of Pearls, where he longed for a group of likeminded football supporters to watch City games with.

Since emigrating in 2016, the Hyderabad Cityzens have formed as our Official Supporters Club family continues to grow around the world and the branch were more than happy to welcome Gowni and his travelling companion and fellow Seattle City Blues member, Justin Stauch.

“I lived in Hyderabad for 10 years and when I started following City, I used to be only the fan, surrounded by supporters of other clubs in a sports bar,” Gowni told

“During those years, I always dreamt of having a strong force of City fans to watch the games with and, when I was planning my trip, I wondered whether there was now a City fan group.

“I found Hyderabad Cityzens’ Instagram account and sent them a message.

“They planned a special screening at a sports bar for the Newcastle game so we could all meet game and it instantly felt like we were with a newly-discovered family.

“I decided to meet them again for the Arenal game, when more members were in attendance, and I got to experience their incredible energy. They knew so many chants and made sure they were louder than the Arsenal fans also watching in the bar.

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the group and I promised them that this wasn’t the last time we will be watching City games together.”

Stauch added: “It was an amazing experience to get to explore a new country and to connect with people halfway around the world through a shared love for City.”

Fan screenings are an important part of Hyderabad Cityzens' social calendar and, as COVID-19 restrictions have eased in the last few months, they have again started to take place with regularity.

The Indian branch were delighted to have the opportunity to host their Seattle counterparts and would encourage any other fans who are visiting the city to get in touch so they can do the same.

“Members from both branches met and had a wonderful time chanting and singing the blues,” said branch Chair, Manish Pothula.

“At the end of the screening, Praharsha and Justin gifted a scarf to Hyderabad Cityzens as a token of their appreciation.

“We at Hyderabad Cityzens hope to make such screenings a habit and would love to host members from other Official Supporters Clubs around the world.

“On social media, lots of City fans praised the successful union of Hyderabad Cityzens and Seattle City Blues, and we’d like to thank them for their support.”

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