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Double delight for Addis Ababa OSC

City’s Addis Ababa Official Supporters Club showed generous community spirit by taking part in a blood donation drive – before being rewarded with a 'special day' watching their beloved team.

Established in 2018, the branch has 177 members and is the largest African Official Supporters Club and our 12th largest outside the UK.

On 2 October, the OSC, together with the Ethiopian National Blood Service (ENBS), organised the donation drive before enjoying a match screening of City v United.

Elias Worku, General Secretary admitted it was an 'incredible feeling' to give something back to the community before watching on thrilled as City won 6-3 in the Etihad derby.

He said: "Although we have had a few fundraising events for those in need this season, planning a blood drive was at the top of our community service projects.

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"The event was hosted to address the country's severe blood shortage problem and raise awareness of the importance of blood donation.

"City supporters gathered at the Eliana Hotel/Twist Addis, where we always watch City games, three hours before kick-off.

"Ethiopian National Blood Service nurses were also at the venue to facilitate the donation.

"We achieved our goal at this special event, as 30 club members donated blood.

"It was an incredible feeling knowing the blood we donated could save someone's life.

"After finishing the blood drive program, we celebrated the derby game.

"Our boys scoring two hat-tricks was the icing on the cake. Indeed, it was a special day."

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