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Gareth Taylor outlines U18s aims

Gareth Taylor outlines U18s aims
While winning remains important, Gareth Taylor believes that the manner in which his U18s respond to challenges and defeats is even more so...

The former City player, turned coach, recently outlined what he wants to focus on over the season and is determined for the U18s to play possession based football.

Taylor’s side have won four, drawn one and lost two of their fixtures so far this season.

“I want us to dominate possession,” he told mancity.com.

“Similar to the first team and similar to any other coach’s philosophy at the Club - we work to the method - that’s what we want to do.

“We want to be able to build through the thirds and dominate possession and win the ball back wherever possible.

“We want to win – winning is a part of it, but we understand and people at the Club understand that there are times when we are not going to win.



“A massive part of these boys’ development is to see how they react to defeats and I think that’s really important. Not always defeats – but real tough challenges.

“As long as we are getting the challenge and these players are having to be at it in every single game then that’s what we are looking for and what we need for them to get to that next level, as it’s not easy when you get there.”

Taylor returned to the Club as a coach in 2011, and was appointed as the U18s manager during the summer of 2017.

Having previously taken charge of the U16s, the Welshman believes that this has given him an advantage this season.

“The real benefit for me is having worked with about 60 per cent of the group last season,” Taylor explained. “I’ve worked with a lot of these lads - if not all of them - previously.

“So, it’s great in that respect, that we can carry on with a lot of the work I was doing with them last year.

“I think getting to know them is a big thing at U16 level as with some of the players you’re sometimes only working with them for three or four months.

“So for me, that continuity is beneficial and I’ve got really good staff with me -  I'm really enjoying it.”

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