Mexico City

Fútbol Matters

Fútbol Matters joined the Cityzens Giving family for the first time in 2016 and has a group of committed young leaders in Mexico City ready to use the power of football to make a difference in their local community.

Gustavo Madero, a municipality within the city, has one of the highest rates of crime and violence in the area.

Martin, 23, and other young leaders want to regenerate their local community by building a football pitch, learning valuable skills for their own employability and creating a safe space for young people to play football, connect and learn.

“As a group of young leaders, we want to create that something everyone can be proud of - a safe and inclusive place for the community,” he said.

“As well as giving us valuable skills, it will also help integrate young people into the community and support others to stay away from drugs and violence.”

This project is delivered in partnership with love.fútbol and Jóvenes Constructores de la Comunidad and will work with 400 young people.