In Indonesia’s third largest city we have Football for Change, which joined the Cityzens Giving family for the first time in 2016, with a team of young leaders in Bandung ready to take their community football project to the streets. 

There are 2,000 street children in Bandung at high risk of drug abuse.

Acil, 23, is teaming up with other young leaders who will use football to engage 250 street children and connect them with specialised support to deal with the threat of substance abuse and other challenges, including HIV and AIDS.

“Soccer is extraordinary. It teaches kids to be disciplined, to be confident and it also improves the quality of their life. It helped me get off the street and get what I wanted in life. Now I want to use it to help others like me to find the solutions to their problems.”

This project is delivered in partnership with Rumah Cemara.