Club legend, Joleon Lescott, made a special visit to Nairobi, Kenya, to celebrate the achievements of the Young Leaders from this season’s Xylem Water Heroes Academy.

We take a look back at the inspirational visit which saw Lescott join Manchester City and Xylem to deliver a memorable celebration for the Nairobi Water Heroes Academy winners.  

The prize trip began with a full day of Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) training for the Young Leaders, delivered by Manchester City community coaches. Lescott joined the City in the Community coaches at Kibera Girls Soccer Girls Academy, where the Young Leaders enjoyed educational football sessions.  

In addition to the football activities, local Xylem staff hosted an educational workshop for the local community children. Their aim was to promote responsible water use through the use of their inspiring children’s book, ‘Splash’.  

On the final day of the trip, the Young Leaders organised a World Water Day festival for the wider community where Young Leaders applied their learnings from their recent WASH training. With  support from Lescott and City in the Community (CITC) coaches, an exciting football tournament was held to honour the hard work of the Young Leaders and their dedication to community coaching. 


Joleon Lescott, said: “It was an inspiring experience meeting this season’s Xylem Water Heroes Academy winners in Nairobi.  

The work that the group do, led by the Young Leaders and supported by club partner Xylem, is incredible and it was great seeing the real-life impact of this, as well as visiting the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy and attending the World Water Day festival.” 

The project forms part of Xylem Water Heroes Academy, a joint initiative between Manchester City and Xylem, empowering a global network of youth-led projects aimed at tackling water challenges in local communities using the power of football. 

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