Sterling: It’s important to lend a helping hand

Raheem Sterling has revealed how being able to lend young people a vital helping hand was one of the big motivating factors behind his decision to establish the Raheem Sterling Foundation.

Officially launched earlier this week by the City and England winger, the Raheem Sterling Foundation will educate, empower and inspire young people to become better prepared for the future and to embrace opportunities to achieve greater social mobility.

The Foundation’s mission will reach across Jamaica, the UK and beyond, to champion greater social mobility, further education, empowerment, and to facilitate young people despite the challenges they may face in achieving their full potential.

“Sometimes in football you can be in a bit of a bubble but the welcome I got at the launch was really special and it’s a very important moment for me,” Sterling said.


“I really wanted to set up a Foundation and it was something I wanted to give my 100 per cent effort towards.

“Along the path there will be things that can be challenging (for young people). It’s for us as a society and for people in some sort of a position to lend a helping hand and to be able to give a helping hand.

“That’s the whole thought process behind it and if you can lend another helping hand, I think it’s always nice to be able to do that.”

Play the video to watch Raheem’s interview in full…

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