The Premier League trophy has been with the first team in Catalonia this week...and earlier today we took it to visit a very special family.

With City in Girona and Barcelona for Wednesday’s charity fundraiser, our cameras took the short trip to Santpedor - a small town inland from Barcelona where our manager grew up.

There we saw Valenti Guardiola, Pep’s father, who took us around his private museum dedicated to his son.

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What Valentí did not know is that we would arrive with the Premier League trophy that Pep has already won four times.

After that, the trophy went just down the road to the town’s sports hub named in honour of the boss - Camp D’esports Municipal Josep Guardiola.

Earlier in the week, the trophy had been to the world famous Sagrada Familia in the centre of Barcelona where fans had the opportunity to get a photo.

Barcelona is the latest stop on our Global Trophy Tour over the next few months with Mexico, Norway, South Africa, UAE and South Korea still to come.

To find out more about the tour and to take advantage of your best chance to see the trophy, click here.

Click on the above video to see how Valenti reacted when he saw the famous trophy.