Pep Guardiola says now the Brugge game is over, the focus turns to the Manchester derby.

The boss was keen to underline that the game that is next will always be the most important, and now that is Saturday’s clash with United.

“The message is easy for the players that every game is so important,” said Pep.

“I don’t know if you saw West Ham away but I prepare that game like you cannot imagine and we created  a lot of chances and were much better and lost on penalties.

“Every game my focus is the next one, and I never think about the second one.

“I know the game against United is the most important thing, we are going to create  a good environment but you cannot imagine how important today was.

“We have done two fantastic games and now we think about United. I didn’t see United much yet.

“Tomorrow I am going to analyse carefully what they are.

“I know how good they are - we saw it last season and they have one of the best players in history, a scoring machine who can do unique things.

“Of course we have a plan and we are going to try to do our own thing.

“Whatever happens Man City is Man City and that is good. We play our way and that is what we do.”