Guardiola: Adapting is crucial to stay successful

Pep Guardiola believes an openness to change is essential for a team to be successful in modern day football.

The City boss has been in the Etihad hotseat since 2016, and is on course for his third Premier League title in five seasons, with an unprecedented quadruple also still possible.

Nonetheless, the Spaniard insists that this is only made possible because he and the squad are willing to constantly adapt their style in accordance with the ever-changing footballing landscape.

“Every season leaves you with a lot of scars and a lot of learnings at the same time,” he reflected when he sat down with CityTV.

“I have more information and more experience and I’m pretty sure in five years hopefully I’ll be maybe a better manager but that doesn’t mean I’ll win titles or games.


“You can (still) break everything you’ve built doing exactly the same thing with the same guys and the same ideas, that’s why you have to be alert and adjust something during the process.”

Given his phenomenally successful career in the dugout to date, in which Guardiola has won league titles in three different countries, he would be forgiven for settling on a specific formula which has garnered previous success.

But the City boss insists that, if he followed this line of thinking, he and his team would not remain at the top of the food chain for long.


He said: “The opponents know you every time much better, they know exactly what you want to do, they shape the way they play, they control our strengths.

“The managers prepare much better than for example when I started 10 or 12 years ago. 

“Before it was the same systems but now they take a look a lot and know exactly what you want to do.

“It’s the same for us, that’s what you have to adapt and adjust, the quality of the players makes the difference.”

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