Fernandinho takes part in Young Leaders culture quiz!

During his recent visit to our Cityzens Giving project in São Paulo, Fernandinho took time out to answer questions from local young leaders, Juliano and Julia, about some of his favourite things from Manchester and Brazil.

The young leaders came up with a series of questions for Fernandinho ranging from his favourite foods, bands and local expressions to the people and places he would bring to Manchester from Brazil and vice versa.

The project Fernandinho visited is part of a global football and safe water initiative linked to Manchester City’s water-inspired PUMA away kit this season which celebrates football as a force for good.

This innovative global programme – led by Young Leaders – combines football-based education on water, sanitation and hygiene, with Xylem water technology solutions to provide clean water access for communities in need.

You can learn more about Fernandinho’s visit to Sao Paulo HERE

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