City commentator Ali Mann has revealed that three was the magic number when it came to his coverage of the Champions League final.

Respected pundit Mann, who has become the voice of our matchday commentary both across Matchday Live and CITY+, said he didn’t script any lines beforehand for the historic game, which he worked on alongside Andy Morrison in Istanbul.

But he did decide to repeat the momentous ones that came naturally to him three times in a homage to the Treble we were trying to achieve.

Discussing his approach during our parade on Monday, he said: “It’s funny because ahead of the game as a commentator you want to make sure that if there is something special that is going to happen that you are ready for it.

“I thought, ahead of the match, because of course I had hours ahead of the game ‘what am I going to do when they score?’


“I kept saying to myself ‘I’m going to repeat everything three times.

“I did it for the goals – ‘Rodri, Rodri, Rodri’. I did it at full-time with ‘Pinch me. Pinch me. Pinch me’.

“I did it with ‘3-2-1’ before Ilkay Gundogan lifted the trophy.

“I kept thinking ‘do you think anyone will recognise and realise that I’ve thought about this?’

“You don’t want to have a rehearsed line but you want to have a way of delivering it at each moment.

“You’ve got it in your head that you’re going to go with three because it’s all about the number three.


“You go with the flow, of course you do, but that was something I thought about pre-match.

“To held my stuff together and to do that, I am proud of myself.”

Watch the full interview in the video player above.