Alex Greenwood has signed a new three-year contract to commit her future to Manchester City.

The England international’s initial deal was set to expire next summer, with this new agreement extending her stay at the Academy Stadium until the end of the 2025/26 campaign. 

Joining the Club from Olympique Lyonnais in France in 2020, Greenwood has cemented herself as an integral player in Gareth Taylor’s side. 

She has made 80 appearances from defence, helping City to an FA Cup and Continental Cup triumph during her two year-stay to date. 

On an individual basis, she was also named in the 2021/22 Barclays Women’s Super League Team of the Season and was part of the England squad to win the European Championships last summer. 

Not one for the limelight, it was recognition that City’s number five – often the ‘unsung hero’ - is fully deserving of. 

With this in mind, a collection of her team-mates and the boss have paid tribute to the impact that Greenwood has on the squad, both on and off the field… 

Gareth Taylor:

“Alex is really important to us. She’s shown that as a team player and a person as well. On and off the pitch she brings so much. She’s really shown that in the last two years. She’s a different type of leader, she’s doesn’t rant or rave, she leads by example on the pitch and is also really good at having quiet words with players off it too. She’s done great for us, I hope she feels valued here because she really is. She’s got great experience, reads the game really well and never gives in. She always has a desire to improve, but I think we’re seeing the very best of her. She’s played a key part in our success so far.” 

Steph Houghton:

“Alex is, without doubt, one of the best that I’ve played with, and I think over the last couple of years with her being at City she’s been one of our most consistent players. Especially last season, she really stood up to the challenge, she leads by example with her performances on the pitch. She’s a very hard worker who trains well and, for youngsters looking up, that’s what it takes to be one of the best players. In terms of leadership, her communication, and the standards she sets are important, but also the way she links different players to each other and creates those conversations. Some people think it comes naturally, but you need to have the effort to go and do that. Last season, to see her step up, be the leader and really drive the team on when we needed someone, as a friend and team-mate I was so proud of her. It took a lot of guts and courage to grab the team by the scruff of the neck and perform the way she did. I have some unbelievable memories of Alex, there’s also a lot off the pitch that I probably can’t share!” 

Lauren Hemp:

“Alex is a fantastic person and player as well. She’s a proper leader in the team. Whenever I’m struggling in a game, you always look to Alex being positive and supportive. She’s a great person in that sense and her playing ability speaks for itself. She’s one of the best left footed players in the league, she’s fantastic to have as a team-mate. Alex is a born leader and it’s important to have players like that especially in games if you’re under the cosh a bit. You need people who can lift the group and give that final push. She’s a very experienced payer and I know that if we’re struggling, she really helps me stay focused and have that belief that we can achieve great things.” 


Hayley Raso:

 “Alex brings a lot to the team. She’s a great player, she’s played at such a high level and is so experienced, but she also brings a sense of calmness to the team. I feel like when she’s on the ball, she’s so calm. She’s always finding the right pass but is also solid for us at the back. Off the pitch, she’s such a big presence, but she’s also that calmness. I feel like she’s always making sure she’s doing the right thing for the team and doing what we need and supporting us as best we can. She’s a great leader and a great player.” 

Ruby Mace:

“Alex helps me a lot. She sees when I’m down, if I play a pass that goes wrong or if my head goes down for any reason, she lifts me back up straight away. She’s like the big sister that every little sister needs. I feel like she helps me, corrects me when I’m wrong, knows my potential and wants the best for me, and I’m so grateful for that. We have a close relationship off the pitch too, she’s that type of friend that everyone needs to lift them up and be there when you need them. She’s a leader and, like Steph, I look up to her. To be around her helps me be the best player I can be.” 

Sandy MacIver: 

“I enjoy playing behind Alex a lot. She’s so composed on the ball and technically as a player she’s unbelievable, the way she chops and changes and all that jazz. It’s also strange because since she moved from a left-back to a centre-back, even though it’s not a big transition, she’s dealt with it so well and reads the game so well. Off the pitch, Alex has great banter, and we get on really well. Even though she tries to palm it off, she’s house DJ on a matchday, bringing in the tunes. She can stick around for that!” 

Khiara Keating:

“Alex has played a huge part in my development even though we’re in different positions. She’s made me improve my game so much more with the advice she has and the leadership she gives on the pitch. Off the pitch too, she’s there for you if you need to talk to someone. She’s a good person. Anything you need, she’s there like superwoman coming to save the day. And on the pitch, she’s so calm, spectacular and an all-round great person.” 

Yui Hasegawa:

“Alex is a very strong leader. Her playing style is very calm, and she speaks to me often so it’s easy for us to play together. She has a very big presence in our team. She has lots of important features in her game, but her leadership is very important in how we play. As a defender her passes are easy for me to move forward as well and easy to handle. Off the pitch as well, she was the first person that spoke to me when I came here and taught me how to use the dressing room and other facilities.” 

Filippa Angeldahl:

“Alex is so important to the team, she’s a real leader on and off the pitch. She always gives 100% and she has incredible confidence on the ball. I think they’re two of her best qualities. She’s also the funny one in the dressing room as well.” 

Leila Ouahabi:

“Alex is a very competitive player and I think that definitely helps the team to be successful. She has that power of conviction, and knows how to lead the group and to have us plugged in. At a competitive level, she’s very aggressive, which is what the gamed demands, but she’s always taking care of us. She has experienced playing abroad in France, so she knows what it means is always checking if you need something, like with my car, for example. Alex helps us a lot and we really appreciate that help and trust, because it makes you feel a lot more at ease and comfortable.”