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Changes to the away match ticket process

Changes to the away match ticket process
For the 2019/20 season, we are introducing some changes to how away match tickets are managed and allocated.

These changes follow on from collaboration with the elected City Matters fan representatives, and feedback from the wider supporter base, to provide fairer access to tickets.

18 to 25 Ticket Allocation

Seasoncard holders aged between 18-25 years (based on supporter’s age on 1st August 2019) will have the opportunity to purchase from an exclusive allocation of away match tickets on the first day of sale

The number of tickets available will be 5% of the overall allocation that the Club receive (typically 150 of 3,000). Any tickets that are not purchased on the first day of sale will be added to the wider Seasoncard holder allocation.

We want to give our younger supporters a better opportunity to attend away matches by purchasing tickets direct from the Club. Further details on how and when qualifying supporters can access this allocation of tickets will be communicated in the ticket sales information for each away match on www.mancity.com.

*This allocation will only be available for Premier League fixtures and does not include any cup competition fixtures. 

Ticket Points for Away Matches

For all away matches (and matches played at a neutral venue), regardless of the competition, Ticket Points will no longer be awarded.

Following dialogue with City Matters elected representatives, and through feedback from our wider supporter base, we understand that some supporters are purchasing away tickets to accrue Ticket Points and improve their position on the ladder, without any intention of attending the fixture.

This is unfair on supporters that have a genuine desire to travel but cannot access tickets and can also lead to profiteering by way of unauthorised resale and touting. 

Ticket Points will still be allocated for all home matches and for joining each of the three Cup Schemes.

Platinum Seasoncard holders will continue to receive double points, equating to a total of 490 additional points when compared to Gold Seasoncard holders across the 19 home Premier League matches and the three Cup Schemes (UEFA, FA Cup and League Cup). Double points will also be assigned for tickets purchased to home Cup matches. 

Collect in Destination

For a number of Premier League away matches, a limited and randomly selected number of supporters will be required to collect their ticket from the opposing Club’s ticket office.

Action will be taken against supporters who are found to have passed their ticket on. Those supporters who are selected will be notified no later than five days prior to the respective match and provided with specific details of the collection arrangements.

In response to these changes, the City Matters committee commented: “After our first season working collaboratively with Manchester City, we have agreed some changes as part of a wider review of ticketing processes.

"We have been pleased to be able to make our voices heard on behalf of the fans and have enjoyed the openness of the Club along with their willingness to take our points on board and to act on them. We feel these changes will benefit all fans and we are looking forward to further exploring ways to improve fans' experiences alongside the Club next season."

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