Julian Alvarez turned 23 on 31 January and to celebrate our Argentine striker’s birthday, we have some words from his international and club team-mates.

It’s already been quite a season for Alvarez who – in case you missed it(!) – became a World Cup winner in December, scoring four goals during an unforgettable tournament.

His first campaign with City isn’t going bad, either!


With nine goals in 26 games so far, La Araña has hIt the ground running – but let’s start the testimonials with a certain Mr Messi…

Lionel Messi

(after the World Cup semi-final win over Croatia)

“Every player did very well, but if I have to choose I would give this [Man of the Match] award to Julian Alvarez. He had an extraordinary game.

“Nobody imagined Julian would have the participation and importance he has shown. The help he has given us has been absolutely spectacular.

“During the whole World Cup, but also against Croatia, he was extraordinary. He ran everything. He fought for everything - creating chances, fighting.

“For us, he was the surprising discovery, and he deserves everything that has happened to him because he is a lovely guy.”

Erling Haaland

(after Nottingham Forest win)

Julian Alvarez is an amazing footballer, amazing talent. I have to say, he’s good, he reminds me a little bit of Sergio Aguero.

“You saw in the game against Forest, he’s amazing, and also that we can play together. This is really important. This is something we should be able to do, to play with each other.

“He’s going to be a good footballer.”

Sergio Aguero

“Julian has a polished character, he’s calm and collected, and always eager to learn and I think his first steps at City have shown this.

“Arriving from Argentina and kickstarting your career in the Premier League - especially in a team filled with amazing players like City - is easier said than done. However, he’s had a superb adaptation.

“He has been able to find the net, yes, but most importantly, he’s been able to suit Pep’s vision perfectly – applying constant pressure, sprinting non-stop, finding gaps and partnering up.

“It’s been his first few months, but he’s proven he’s a talented and reliable player, up to the quality that a major club like City demand.”

Pep Guardiola

(after 4-0 the win over Chelsea in January)

“I missed his happiness. He helped us a lot. We were aggressive (with) the way we went (at them). He played really, really well.”

(in August)

“We are delighted. I know the people are talking a lot about Erling, and we are pleased about that, but Julian is an exceptional, exceptional player.”

Kevin De Bruyne

(in January)

“I think when he came into the club they were speaking about this young talent from Argentina and at the beginning we saw that he was a really talented player.

“You don’t know what will happen when players come from South America, but he already seemed like an adult player playing for us.

“I am happy for him, he is a really nice guy and really shy. But he can call himself a world champion, so he will feel great!”

Nathan Ake

(ahead of World Cup meeting with Argentina)

“As a player he’s very technical, very difficult to mark even in training, very sharp, good finishing, so it will be tough.

“He’s a great player but also a great guy off the pitch. He’s a little bit quiet, too!”

Bernardo Silva

(during World Cup 2022)

“I am very happy for Juli. He’s a great kid, he’s a great player, who surprised me a lot when he came to City because I didn’t know what to expect.”

Happy birthday, Julian!