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Ruthless City earn Pep's praise

Ruthless City earn Pep's praise
Pep Guardiola praised his team’s ruthlessness against RB Leipzig.

Of City’s 16 shots, eight were on target and six resulted in goals.

It means City have now scored 17 goals in four matches – not to mention 21 in the last four games at the Etihad!

“Of course, I am delighted and happy and thank you to these incredible players we have. It was a really tough game,” said Pep.

“The first game at home it was important to win and we scored six goals.

“Seventeen goals in the last four games is nice to give to them. Now rest and prepare for Southampton.


“Nine goals in one game so it is nice for all the people watching.

“A team like RB Leipzig never gives up. They have a clear idea. They attack inside, they put a lot of players inside.

“They don’t have the problem of losing the ball because when they lose the ball they make quick transitions.

“When we have the ball they are there to press you. At the same time when you can regain the ball, pass back and switch play a little bit, you always have a chance to run and score a goal.

“I think the game was tight. We were fortunate that when they scored we were able to score immediately.

“I saw the game against Bayern Munich, they made it 1-2 and Bayern Munich suffered because of the counter-attack. It is an interesting team.

“They have played like this since Ralph Rangnick arrived. They really play. It is one of the best teams in Germany.

“That is why I am incredibly satisfied with the players for the first victory in the group stage.”

The boss was asked if the goal glut vindicated the decision not to sign a striker during the transfer window.

He answered: “Because we are winning. When we lose people will say why didn’t we sign a striker?

“We have an outstanding squad. From day one until now they give me exceptional players with a very good mentality.

“We are the same guys as last season, just changed Sergio for Jack. - last season we were able to score goals. We don't have a player who can score 25 goals.

“The last week we had many players in the box and that helped to score goals.”

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