Noel Gallagher has made a promise that could see his picture on the front of newspapers around the globe on Sunday.

The singer-songwriter says if City win the Champions League and Erling Haaland were to score a hat-trick, he will perform his live gig with his band Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds in San Diego later that day in his underpants!

Noel was recently pictured with Erling in the City dressing room after the 4-1 win over Arsenal, with our Norwegian striker happily posing for pictures in his underwear with the legendary Mancunian rock star.

Now, if City can beat Inter in Istanbul, Gallagher has promised to do the same.

“Erling did ask for my picture, I was like ‘whoa, yeah but can you bend down a bit?’” revealed Noel.

“He’s a lovely lad and he has got a beautiful, big smile and he just looks like a big happy kid. He’s great.

“I won’t be in Istanbul – I always make sure the dates around the Champions League are free and usually that’s always around the end of May.

“What wasn’t factored in was the World Cup and the knock-on effect.

Noel’s Champions League final Playlist

“I’m contractually obliged to play the gig no matter what and I’m OK with that – I will watch the game in a San Diego bar.

“If City win and Haaland scores a hat-trick I’ll be going on in my underpants.”

Gallagher says the Champions League final loss to Chelsea was the worst he’s felt as a City fan but added that winning that game in a reduced-capacity stadium due to COVID restrictions wouldn’t be as special as potentially winning it in normal circumstances.

“I have to say, the blight coming over me after the Champions League final against Chelsea was the worst I’ve ever felt as a City fan,” he said.

“There was something in the air that day, even getting up to go that morning I was thinking how much I hate all English finals, because they’re always rubbish to watch.

“I had a bad feeling about it and in the end, a few weeks later I was thinking, ‘do we really want to win it there in a half-empty stadium or you want to win it in Rome or wherever?’

“Istanbul will do I suppose and if we don’t win it will be disappointing for a few days, but we are Premier League champions again and we have won the FA Cup.

“That’s not to be sniffed at and this could still turn into one of the greatest seasons from any football team ever.

“Fingers crossed.”

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