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Liam Gallagher's Manchester Derby playlist!

Liam Gallagher. One of music's most iconic figures and a lifelong City fan.

He enjoyed unparalleled success in the 90s as frontman of Oasis, who dominated the music world throughout the decade, with their legendary appearances at Maine Road over two nights in 1996 cementing their association with Manchester City Football Club. 

That memorable weekend came just four months before their Knebworth gig, where 250,000 fans saw them play over two nights. Two-and-a-half million people applied for tickets in what is now considered the weekend live rock music peaked. 

Since Oasis disbanded, Liam has released four studio albums, firstly as the frontman with Beady Eye before embarking on his solo career, releasing 2017's As You Were, followed by 2019's Why Me? Why Not, both UK number 1 albums which helped uncover a new audience of devoted fans.

And as a tumultuous year draws to a close, the forthcoming festive season introduces a new year and the hope of a fresh start. It’s important to remember that the challenges that face us today will in time fade, and life will gradually return to normality - and that's the message Liam captures in his emotive new single All You’re Dreaming Of.

We spoke to Liam about City and his place in the pantheon of music's great frontmen.

And, in the ultimate act of Derby weekend kindness, he's added his top ten Manchester Derby songs to our ever-growing Manchester City Spotify playlist!

Liam, thanks for selecting your derby tracks. We play United at Old Trafford on Saturday, which is a huge game. What's your best Derby memory from down the years?

My favourite Derby was the 1989 5-1.

I remember being really sick at the time, I was at home with glandular fever so was bed-ridden listening to it on the radio as I obviously couldn't go to the match.

It was two days after my birthday and miraculously as the fifth goal went in I was healed, up on my feet and back to my usual celestial self.

City were obviously in United’s shadow for many years, but we’ve been the most successful team in England over the past decade. How satisfying has that been for you to see the tide turn? 

It's been very satisfying as most of my mates are Man United fans.

One of the big reasons I moved to London was because of United's success but little did I know there more Man United fans in London than there is in Manchester!

Pep Guardiola signed a new deal recently and he’s revolutionised the way we play football. What are your thoughts on him as a manager?

Love Pep Guardiola. Love the way he plays football. Made up he's signed another contract.

I think even when Pep's no longer with us as a manager, his ethos will remain forever.

Your last two albums have been hugely successful and your audience seem younger and more devoted than ever. What’s the key to your enduring appeal?

Keeping it real and not giving a s***.

I guess not trying to reinvent the wheel musically helps. My sound is still reminiscent of Oasis and, as we all know, people love Oasis - including ME!

Many people think you’re the greatest frontman of all time. Who are the best frontmen in your opinion?

Well they're correct on that. 

My favourite frontmen of all time are Ian Brown, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, John Lydon and Keith Moon.

Finally, what’s left for Liam Gallagher to achieve in music and what can we expect in 2021?

I just want to keep on singing great tunes to great people all over the world.

Liam’s new single ‘All You're Dreaming Of’ and his top 10 picks for the derby feature on our Spotify Playlist...

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