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'Stay safe and we are all thinking of you' Gundogan tells City fans

GUNDO GOAL: Ilkay Gundogan enjoyed that one - and rightly so!
Ilkay Gundogan says the City players are missing the fans but urged everyone to stay home and safe until the government restrictions have been eased.

Ilkay is adapting to the lock-down as best he can by keeping fit, cooking and watching TV.

The German midfielder is also in regular contact with Leroy Sane who was closing in on a return before the season was suspended last month.

“It’s quite difficult to be honest, staying at home all day and going out for a walk for half an hour,” said Gundogan during a live interview on City’s official Instagram account.

Cityzens At Home:


“You don’t have the choice to do anything. I try to keep myself fit, which is the main thing I’m doing right now.

“We’ve got individual plans from the club that insist having sessions nearly every day - gym sessions or cardio on the bike. Apart from that I’m trying to watch some Netflix and cook a little bit.

“The first few days of quarantine were quite difficult, I ate a lot of sweets was down to frustration and like everyone else, I can’t wait to get out of here.

“I’m speaking to Leroy the most. We have a group chat with all the players. I see Leroy nearly every second day, we have a gym here on the first floor which is supposed to be closed but we can use it to keep fit keep to our fitness programmes so long as we socially distance.

“We have the same trainer from Germany. We try to avoid seeing each other too much, he has a little daughter and I’m here in my own apartment.

“He’s feeling good. It’s kind of a weird situation for him I guess. He was quite close to coming back when everything stopped.

“From my injury experience, the first weeks coming back or being close are difficult situations because you’ve got different feelings in your body and it has to get used to it again with the different exercises.

“You can’t be 100 per cent ready when you’re not in your rhythm. Leroy was still at that point when he was feeling a bit weird, not 100 per cent ready, but he was so motivated to do well.

“He is frustrated we’ve had everything cancelled but he can use the time off right now to work on the things that he’s struggled with a little bit. I see him doing good exercises in the gym.

“It’s a hard and difficult time right now for everyone. We can’t wait to get back on the pitch and in the stands, to celebrate being successful together, but we have a responsibility right now and that is to make sure everyone is as safe as possible."

And Ilkay sent a message to City supporters, saying he can't wait to play in front of them again soon, but urged everybody to keep safe and follow the guidelines.

“My message to our fans is to please stay at home and take care of each other," he said.

“Appreciate that you have this time at home with your loved ones."

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