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Gundogan’s advice, fitness regime and Netflix recommendation

CELEBRATE: Gundogan and co clearly enjoyed the opener from the penalty spot.
Ilkay Gundogan says he cannot wait for the moment City are able to celebrate a goal with the fans again.

With football halted due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, the German midfielder is missing the beautiful game, as we all are.

With routines ceased and social distancing in place, Gundogan admits self-isolation can be challenging but asserts that by working together and following the gameplan, football and normality will soon return.

“We can’t wait to get back on the pitch and in the stands – to celebrate goals, to celebrate being successful together," he said during a live interview on City’s Instagram channel.

"But we have a responsibility right now and that is to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.

“Please stay at home and take care of each other. Appreciate that you have this time at home with your loved ones.

“We’ll be back enjoying the beautiful game but now is a time to be patient and wait for the moment.

“I love football so much – I can’t wait to get back – but it’s normal life that you want to continue.

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“Football is important of course but it’s not the main thing right now. It’s to start normal life again and meet the people you love.

“I’m stuck here in Manchester right now and I can’t see family or friends. I’m alone at home. Not having the option to enjoy life and do the things you love is the worst thing.

“I do like spending time at home – I’m not always outside walking around and shopping. I probably spend 90 percent of the time at home and I love it but it’s about not having the option right now.”

Although isolated in Manchester, Gundogan is doing his bit to help the wider community by donating to a charity aiding those affected by the Coronavirus in Heinsberg near his hometown in Germany.

The midfielder has shown his support by donating towards a shopping service for those in need and ‘thank you’ packages for nursing staff in the hospitals’ intensive care units.

“The motivation was to help people who have a difficult time – more difficult than me because I do feel privileged,” he added.

“Heinsberg is not far from my hometown. It escalated quickly in Germany and that was the first place we had cases of Corona.

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“I try to help the people who are there with the intensive care stations and the hospital – to just say thank you. That was the motivation.

“We started a few days ago and we can help even more. What I’ve recognised is that quite a lot of my colleagues have started to help more and more. Sticking together is a solution to the problem.”

Without team training, Gundogan has been following the advice of City’s backroom staff, who have provided individual plans for each player for strength and cardio work.

The rest of his time has been spent cooking and watching Netflix and the Germany international shared a programme recommendation for the fans.

“In just a few days, the third season of Money Heist with come out on Netflix,” he explained.

“I’ve watched the first two series. I’m waiting for that right now. It’s a great show. Apart from that, I really like the Blacklist or even Sherlock Holmes but I’ve watched them already. I’m waiting for Money Heist.

“My signature meal is normally just a rice pudding. I don’t eat that at the moment because I try to eat more healthy stuff right now.

“My chef brings me stuff at the beginning of the week. I just have to cook or pan fry it for a few minutes. I’m trying to eat meat or fish with veg and it’s easy to prepare.

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“I miss my routine. Waking up at a certain time, going to training, having that every day rhythm. It’s not completely there at the moment. You miss the people at the CFA, seeing everyone and talking about different stuff.

“The club has been very supportive. Max Sala, our doctor, sends me a text every day. I’m sure he does that with the others.

“There are three different types (of training programme). One is strength based. The other one cardio based on bike or treadmill and third one is a mix of both. cardio with strength.

“We have recovery days, too. It’s a mix. I’m sure not everyone is doing the same. Our members of staff know each other and us very well – they know how to deal with us and what exercises are good for everyone individually.

“We just got some gym equipment sent over to be able to do even more. Our team manager also makes sure I stay well. We’re well connected.”

“It’s a situation we have to accept and deal with right now.”

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