Benjamin Mendy and Kyle Walker are both in the headlines on Monday morning, while there’s more analysis of City’s win over Chelsea and what it tells us about this team.

It is suggested it was a victory which proved the squad’s ability to manage adversity, something Mendy has echoed with a title race rallying cry.

The competition for places is up for discussion with Walker, who appeared on Match of the Day 2 on Sunday, whilst elsewhere, we’re told Pep Guardiola’s influence is still being felt at one of his former clubs.

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Independent: Are we seeing new side to the champions after Chelsea comeback?

Writes Mark Critchley: “Chelsea’s refusal to compromise on their key principles allowed City back in but equally, it would have been easy for the champions, on the back of the Liverpool defeat, to panic after conceding first.

“Instead, they were cool, calm and methodical, immediately stopping Chelsea’s flurry of attacks and starting their own.

“The problem with winning back-to-back league titles, taking 226 points, scoring 238 goals and winning by scorelines of 5-1, 6-0, 7-2 and 8-0 over the course of two-and-a-bit seasons is that your resolve is seldom tested.

“But City are starting to show that they too can suffer a setback, cope with adversity and win the hard way.”

From the players

Goal: Mendy sends title warning to Liverpool

“At this time we are still the champions so we are going to fight until the end to keep the title at home and the game is not over.

“There are still a lot of games to play so we are going to try our best and we are going to see. If at the end Liverpool win the title we are going to say congratulations but Man City are going to fight.”

Express: Kyle Walker fires warning to team-mates after Chelsea win

“Credit where credit is due, he’s [Riyad Mahrez] had to sit on the sidelines for a few weeks. “I just think it’s the standard of the team, it’s so high in competition for places throughout the field.

“I was the unlucky one, I had to sit out yesterday, you’ve just got to take it on the chin and hopefully I’ll be in the team for the Champions League game.”

Bundesliga: Alaba still benefitting from Guardiola’s advice

“I'm still benefitting a lot from Pep's time here, there's a lot that's stayed with me. I try to play at centre-back in a way that I can make use of my strengths, like my speed and passing ability."