Such was Manchester City’s dominance in Saturday’s win over Chelsea, the media are still picking over the finer details of the performance three days later.

It seems City have laid down a marker after one of the most one-sided top-four battles in recent Premier League history. 

Tactics specialist Michael Cox, who runs the website Zonal Marking, has pored over the game in detail and believes City’s wide players stretched Chelsea, allowing Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva space to weave their magic infield.

“But while the full-backs were the players used in the most unusual roles, they were not the key men. De Bruyne and Silva were,” Cox writes

“De Bruyne spent the majority of the game drifting right, from where he delivers absolutely superb cross-cum-through-balls. He did that in the opening fixture between these sides last year – another fascinating tactical battle. Here, his touches took place more on the right flank than in the centre.

“De Bruyne ran the game from this position. Chelsea didn’t know how to cope – first Fabregas started following him to that flank, but this increased the gaps in Chelsea’s midfield and allowed Silva space. Conte, as he did against Atletico, then swapped Fabregas and Tiemoue Bakayoko, realising that the defensive task against De Bruyne needed a more tactically aware player. But De Bruyne was still finding space, and was involved in City’s best play. Walker exchanged a good one-two with him, and found himself driving towards goal in a central position. Sterling combined with him for a dangerous counter-attack. He played another of his classic driven, arcing crosses. City, in truth, weren’t creating many chances. But they were completely outmanoeuvring Chelsea, and their most dangerous player was controlling the game.

“Maybe the most interesting thing, though, was that Silva – who might have been expected to do the same thing on the opposite flank – increasingly drifted to the right as well, despite nominally playing as the left-centre midfielder. Silva has made a career out of drifting across to the opposite flank – as long ago as City’s historic 6-1 victory at Old Trafford this was City’s trump card – but it was still incredible to see Silva and De Bruyne, two central midfielders, both drifting to the same flank and combining so frequently. Silva was a central midfielder yet never touched the ball in a number 10 position, and was almost always involved towards the flanks.”

It’s an analysis well worth your time, if in-depth tactical discussions are your thing!

Meanwhile, Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has hailed City as “a great team”.

The Spain international offered congratulations to Pep Guardiola‘s side for their display at Stamford Bridge – but warned Chelsea remain title contenders.

“They [City] are a great team. We know that. They had won their last two games, much in the same manner that we did, so congratulations to them,” he told the Metro.

“This time last year we were eight points behind, but it doesn’t mean anything. There is still a long way to go in all competitions.”

And, finally, City have been installed as favourites for the Premier League title after six wins and a draw from our first seven matches of the campaign.

BBC Sport have published findings made by Gracenote Sports, who use significant amounts of data to produce forecasts about the outcome of football matches.

Having made Chelsea favourites before a ball was kicked, City are now thought to have a 47% chance of lifting the Premier League trophy in May. 

“Data company Gracenote Sports, which specialises in such forecasts, has updated its predicted title winners from Chelsea to Manchester City, while Crystal Palace’s fate looks like it has already been sealed down at the bottom,” BBC Sport writes.

“Gracenote uses its Euro Club Index ranking of top-flight clubs and then runs season simulations one million times to predict the final table.

“Chelsea had been the pre-season favourites with City expected to finish second and United down in fifth.

“But the two Manchester clubs have enjoyed a blistering start to the season and have almost identical records, with just goal difference giving Pep Guardiola’s City side the advantage.

“City have been given a 47% chance of winning the league, United have a 24% chance and Chelsea 13%.”

That’s all for today, Blues. Join us again tomorrow - same time, same place.