Sunday's big Bonfire Night clash between City and Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium has given the media plenty to go at, while there is a new name on the transfer speculation front...

A long-time Media Watch protagonist, Alexis Sanchez, is unsurprisingly a focal point of some match previews, while Ilkay Gundogan has also spoken at length about City's style, dominance and the path to European greatness.

Alam Khan of Sport 360 writes on that theme: "The statistics say it all and for midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, the displays – such as Wednesday’s vibrant and valiant 4-2 Champions League win at Serie A leaders Napoli – are reminiscent of the best European teams in recent years, be it Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and that all-conquering Barca side. Fun, flamboyant and feared.

"'I’m not sure if we are there yet,' said the German international. 'We still need to prove that in every game, every competition. We need to prove that with trophies.

"'But the way we play, the way we keep the ball, pass the ball, those short quick passes, especially in the midfield, and attack with a lot of players, create a lot of chances and score a lot of goals, we are going in the right way.

'This makes it fun for everyone, for us and for the supporters. People like to watch us.'

"'The domination is like Bayern Munich, yes, but it’s a different kind of game. The way we build up, with the quick short passes feels a bit different from Bayern for me, or Real Madrid.

"'Maybe the most similar team would be Barcelona at their best with Pep. I wouldn’t say we are at their best yet, but one of the best, because of the way they dominated teams and we are doing so now.

"'The way we play, the way we dominate our opponents, it feels special – and feels like it could be a very special season."

Here's hoping!

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The big games keep coming with Arsenal next up at the Etihad, and the press had their chance to quiz boss Pep Guardiola at CFA on Friday, with the January transfer window and Sanchez a line of questioning.

The Daily Mail's Chris Wheeler reports: "Although Guardiola was reluctant to discuss the Chile international so close to the match, he admitted that he will continue to improve his squad where possible.

"'The strikers we have are going to stay next season, hopefully,' he said. 'Add another player? Maybe. We are going to decide that.

"'So I think next season we have to shake the team again a little. Not in terms like this season, where it was a lot because the average age was 28 or 29, now we are a young team.

"'But we'll buy players. We'll try to analyse well and buy the right players like we did last season and this season.

"'You know my opinion on the players I have. Alexis, you know my opinion but he's an Arsenal player so it's not correct to talk about that, especially before we play them.

"'The transfer window is closed, so it's not time to talk about that. I have respect for Arsenal and especially for my own players.'"

Finally to relatively fresh rumours over Germany midfielder Emre Can.

A report in Calciomercato reads: "Juventus will face stiff competition from Pep Guardiola's Manchester City over Liverpool's German international midfielder Emre Can, can reveal.

"The current Premier League leaders are preparing an offer to the player that will supercede Juventus contract offer of €4,5 million net per season plus bonuses as well as promising the player an integral role in the squad." 

That's all for today - we'll have more big match build up throughout the day ahead of City v Arsenal!